Wonder Woman Review – A Delight to watch!


Saved DCEU. All hail Princess Diana (Wonder Woman)!

Being someone who has never been exposed to the comic books, my first impression of DCEU was Christopher Nolan’s Batman. The day I saw Dark Knight and Heath Ledger’s portrayal of Joker, I decided that I am going to be a DC fan forever. But then the trilogy ended and with that Nolan’s association with DC.

The DCEU films have all been disappointing. Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad, one after the other. I did like Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman. He gave a completely new dimension to my favourite superhero. But the movie, on the whole, missed the trick somewhere.

One thing about DC is, unlike Marvel their movies are quite serious and lacks the fun element. Marvel has managed to build an interconnected universe from the scratch over the years and their movie are full of fun and entertainment and that’s the main reason it churns out hit after hit. It’s essential to bring in the required changes to the screenplay when adapted from comics ( to satisfy a much bigger audience ). That was one major reason why Dawn of Justice failed.

After all the disappointments last year, DC desperately needed a comeback and boy, how well have they done that. Princess Diana to the rescue. Patty Jenkins brings out the story of a lady superhero and succeeds in it big time. Gol Gadot is absolutely spot on as Wonder Woman ( her formal military training did help). This movie is as serious as any other DCEU movie is but Jenkins makes sure that it has the right amount of lighter moments too.


There is also a nice subliminal feminist angle to the movie. A film about a women superhero, directed by a woman and their movie is rightly set during the world war 1 where a woman taking the war field was unheard of. Hence it was natural that all men around her tried to first stop her and later protect her. But Diana doesn’t heed to their words and saves millions of life.

The only problem with Wonderwoman is that there is very little to look for beyond Gal Gadot. But I wouldn’t complain. When you have a Gal in kicking some asses in style, what else matters?

My favourite franchise is back with a bang and a woman just saved it from dooming!

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